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At Studio PATH, you'll find more than just a Japanese hair salon – it's a haven where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. With a cozy, cafe-like atmosphere, our goal is to make you feel completely at ease. Let go of your stresses as you indulge in our soothing shampoo and massage, followed by a stylish haircut tailored to your preferences. We're dedicated to providing you with a space to rejuvenate both your hair and your spirit. Come along and experience the indulgence firsthand at Studio PATH.

tokyo hair


At Studio Path, our team of stylists brings together the best of Japanese and British hairdressing expertise. With skills honed in both Japan and the UK, our stylists have a unique perspective that allows them to create a diverse range of looks.

Our design and style are constantly evolving through frequent participation in fashion shows and photoshoot assignments. From elegant Japanese styles to trendy London cuts, we have the versatility and creativity to bring your hair visions to life.


Japanese stylist

"I always receive compliments on my wonderful haircut, thanks to the attentive staff at Studio Path. Their service goes beyond just cutting hair; they add lovely touches like a relaxing head massage during the wash."

"The studio itself is nice as well. It occupies the second floor of the building at the end of busy Bricklane. It is open and airy with great lighting. Nothing fancy, but very comfortable."

Our works with Y.S.PARK and Dowa International In 2012

Japanese hair salon brick lane


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