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Studio Path has a cafe-like atmosphere where you can come and relax. Forget your stresses and have an wonderful experience of our soothing shampoo and massage along with a  stylish hair cut. We would love to provide you a space for you to rejuvenate. So come along and have a indulgeing time with us.


Our mission

The skills of all stylists at Studio Path are developed in both Japan and the UK.
Our design and style is continually evolved through frequent fashion show and photoshoot assignments. 
From elegant Japanese styles to cool London cuts, we can create across a wide range of styles to get the look you want.


"A wonderful hair cut which

I am often complimented on, and very attensive staff."

"Good service with lovely touches like a head massage while your hair is being washed and shoulder massage just before you finish up."

"The studio itself is nice as well. It occupies the second floor of the building at the end of busy Bricklane. It is open and airy with great lighting. Nothing fancy, but very comfortable."

Our works with Y.S.PARK and Dowa International In 2012



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